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Awan Auto Inc is a full service professional auto repair shop. We know vehicles. Big, small, old and new. Want to get your car back to normal, or upgrade to something special? We’re here to help. We guarantee that our highly trained mechanics will help resolve your auto repair issues, because we’re committed to delivering satisfied customers.

Services: Service

Hybrid Diagnosis And Repair

Using top of the line specialty diagnosis equipment and specially qualified hybrid technicians we can diagnose and trouble shoot all of your hybrid related problems. We also provide routine hybrid maintenance services to keep your car running smoothly.

Car Disc Brake

Mechanical Repairs

We provide all sorts of mechanical repairs. From suspension to the engine and transmission we will do whatever it takes to get your car back up and running. We also provide brake jobs.


Electrical Repairs

Using advanced diagnostic tools our highly trained technicians can uncover even the most troublesome of electrical problems. These same technicians also provide service to solve these issues. We also provide routine electrical service such as light bulbs and car batteries

Under the Car

Exhaust Repair

Our trained technicians can solve any issues in your cars exhaust system, be it muffler work, the catalytic converter or a sensor we can handle it.


Quality Synthetic,Semi-Synthetic and Normal Motor Oil is available.
All types of quality tires are available. Tire balancing and fixing punctures is also done.


Safety Standards Certificate

Come in to our certified motor vehicle inspection center to have your car checked to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive.

Car Dashboard Controls

Stereo and Sound System

We provide custom stereo and sound system installation, as well as repair to O.E.M. and custom setups. We also provide back-up camera installation.


We service and repair all vehicles. Just bring your car in for us to take a look.

Hybrid Battery Change
Oil and Tire Change
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